History of School

 >> The school is affiliated to CBSE.Affiliation number – 2620019.The School named GMSSS-27C, Chandigarh constructed in 1952, situated between Gulmohar Garden and Udyog Path, with an area of 6515 Sq. mt. with a well-planned hassle-free campus. The constructed area is a blend of modern European and ancient institutional architecture with beautiful outside land-scapes, gardens and playgrounds. The spacious class-rooms with proper ventilation alongwith modern studying furniture and properly electrified system are praise-worthy.

 >> The water supply system along with a tubewell and coolers cater to the needs of the school and the nearby locality. The old-age ‘Pir Baba ji’s’, place of worship provides the students and the staff a special kind of spiritual and moral diet.

>> The cluster of different types of plants and trees e.g. Acacia, Cypress, Teak, Neem etc. provide shelter to bird species and monkeys and make one close to the nature and helps in eradicating pollution.