From Principal’s Desk

 >> Greetings to all and welcome to the New Academic Session. We have stepped into another academic session- With a new hope to add to our good experiences and be ready to learn. We move ahead with the conviction to give our best to the society, this world and above all to the students entrusted with great faith to our care.

Good coordination between Parents and Teachers/School is vitally important for healthy intellectual, emotional and social development of your child. Encourage your child to exhibit his/her talents and support them to do better. At the same time expectations from your child should be reasonable and achievable.If you want to give your child just one gift let it be enthusiasm.

Guiding children thoughts in the right direction is a tool available to our teacher. Therefore it cannot be left to chance. Directing the intellect of the child to think and think deeply is the foremost concern here. So let us all take it upon ourselves to achieve the desired goals.

Students from a very young age itself train yourself to be possessive about our values, the first and the foremost among those being discipline. Learn to be self disciplined. Self discipline comes through self control. Therefore your thoughts words and deeds must reflect the great attributes which are imbibed in your right. Remember, values both moral and spiritual are the ones you retain forever, which make you stand out in a crowd.

Take a positive step everyday to enrich your strengths and live as worthy representatives of this institution.